What you Always Wanted to Know About Open-Booking

What you Always Wanted to Know About Open-Booking

February 1, 2016

You are right: it is a strange title for a first post. Websites made in wordpress starts usually with a “hello world”. This page is regularly deleted. But if deleted, it leaves the question about a first post.

To be true, I do not expect many people to read this text. To start a blog you need time until you’ll find regular readers. The first post will be somewhere deep in archives already, before people will start searching the blogs. Starting a blog needs enthusiasm and hope (or certainty) for better days with many readers – but it can be a bit frustrating.

If someone will read this post, there will be three reasons:

  1. The person has to read, because someone (most probably me) told him to. This person will not have any specific questions – and if so, please ask me directly, its more easy to answer.
  2. The person knows Open-Booking and wants to see if we can bring some clever self-marketing idea in such a boring first text. I hope you’ll find it – it’s a “call to action” and …
  3. The people who start to read our blogs and want to know, if we’re trustworthy or just crazy. I do not have a simple idea, how I could convince you from one or other – so I will not try. If you have an idea for the question to answer to clear this, please feel free to post it in the comment section or ask us in the chat (<- here it is: Call to action!)

This situation leaves me a bit helpless with this post’s title. I’ll give some basic ideas about what the team of open booking is thinking

We’re independent

We do not want to work as small wheels in a big machine without being able to decide about our own work. We want to work only with people we like. Sure, the information and strategies we’re publishing can be used by everyone but we decide, whom we want to help individually. We’ll do everything not to come into a financial or organizational dependency.

We’re impatient

Without being arrogant: We are a team with many talents. To wait is not among them. We are impatient. This is certainly the greatest weakness, because to be always waiting for results of the work in our business. We love quick and easy to implement solutions. These are available in most cases – but have to be done.

We’re honest

“Honesty” and “Diplomacy” not always match. We prefer the Honesty. We’re working with experience and best practice. We’re not willing to work different just because someone pays for it.

We’re humans

Business is not everything. We like to work with people. The whole team of Open-Booking cares about how we can help our clients. Often it is not a big deal to give the correct direction, a new idea or the hint where additional information can be found.

We’re no Aussies

The most of us do not even have English as first language. We’re from “all over the world”, Germany, Russia or Italy and we speak various languages. As long as we do not find someone additional matching the team, we’ll not have a copywriter for the English language – and you can guess which nationality is writing. We think it is part of our charm to be honest about our skills and abilities and the same way about our weaknesses.

Experience counts

Since more than 10 years we work with small and local business in tourism. We’re asked for advice and help in questions of digital marketing, customer relations and cost effectiveness. We love this work, as it helps small and local business to stay independent.

Changes in the online marketing of vacation rentals

During the last years it has been getting harder and harder for independent vacation rental owners to promote their business online. There are new and more channels for distribution and advertising, while the older, well-known ones do not do their job any more.

The big players in tourism want to grab their share and make vacation rentals an industry and the individual objects to assets of their business.

While the listing-sites – the former main source for renters – are working to optimize their revenue for their shareholders, the team of Open Booking looks for the individual success of the single small business.

Individual vacation rental owners need diversified solutions for their online marketing – and Open Booking provide them.

Common problems need practical solutions

When we help out, we face the same problems of small business each time: A vacation rental owner is no digital media specialist, no online marketer, no tech-freak – but is in need of those qualifications to use the best options for his promotion. He has to build a website, to organize the advertising and promotion, to follow-up the new techniques in digital marketing – while providing the best service and stunning experiences for guests in any case.

Independent vacation rental owners and managers know well about this challenge. The digital marketing has to be done to guarantee the success; they are willing to do – just because of a lack of knowledge, experience, inspiration or manpower they are not able to.
Open Booking was founded to close the gap between “Willing to do” and “Able to do” in online marketing

  • Open Booking shares 10 years of experience in digital marketing for small business and provides knowledge, ideas and techniques to be up to date and able to focus on real needs.
  • Open Booking offers a team of enthusiastic professionals, willing to help out wherever a job cannot be done by the individual vacation rental owner’s resources.
  • Open Booking suggest and provides tools and little technical helpers to make the life of independent vacation rental owners easier. Check also the Open Booking Toolbox.

The Open Booking Vision

Our vision is an individual, local organized tourism, where the earnings of the work for tourist also stay local. The owners and managers of vacation rentals, family owned hotels and restaurants, local providers of activities and local guides and many others are the backbone of each tourism destination.

Open-Booking and MAX-TD

Open Booking is a brand of MAX-TD pty. ltd, located in Belrose, NSW. MAX-TD operates an online travel guide network in English, German and Russian language with its own booking engine for accommodations. This travel guide network is designed to help individual travellers with information about their travel destination. While the travel guide network of MAX-TD is running, a part of the old MAX-TD team is able to join a new challenge with Open-Booking.