Open-Booking’s Toolbox

Open-Booking’s Toolbox

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The “Open-Booking Toolbox” is a complete solution for marketing your vacation rental. It contains a Website Builder, a Channel Manager and tools for your Customer Relations and Sales. Vacation Rental Owners and Managers are able to increase bookings, maximize revenues and safe time with only one easy, fast and affordable set of needed technical tools and helpers.

10 years of experience plus practical innovation

After more than 10 years of experience in consulting for independent and self-managed vacation rental owners and managers we know how much resources and money are required to setup an own individual system to cover the main areas of vacation rental business.

Being independent requires a big investment for the perfect start. A website, the different listing-sites and other advertising plus useful tools are needed – and have to be paid.

What if we could reduce those costs and save on administration, sales and marketing efforts dramatically?

We can.

With our knowledge and experience we can provide a solution:

Open Booking’s Toolbox includes a complete technical setup for a successful start as independent vacation rental owner or manager. It reduces the workload of recurring processes and relieves from routine tasks.

Open Booking’s Toolbox will be the solution to kickstart your vacation rental business and save money, time and effort to run existing ones.

Open Booking’s Toolbox is needed – but we need money first!

Open Booking’s Toolbox is ready planned but not realized. We started with development but now we run out of money. We’ll need about 100.000 AUD and three to four months of time to have it ready.

Instead of asking a bank or a financial investor, we’re going to set up a Crowd Funding Campaign for the needed investments. This way we’ll guarantee to make the Toolbox affordable for everyone.

Be the first to get the toolbox available

The Toolbox will be made for the independent vacation rental owners and managers like you.  That is why you are the first we want to ask for the needed money.

What we ask you to do now:

Register for updates about the Open Booking Toolbox and our crowd funding campaign to participate in the crowd funding campaign.

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Donate now to get it started.

You can be the first one to be updated and use the system when it is ready. In the crowdfunding campaign we’ll provide lots where you can become the first users. Early Donators will receive similar lots for similar donations.

We count on you!