About Open Booking

About Open Booking

We know them well: All those smaller or bigger challenges in the digital marketing. Where to find the customer? How to treat the customer? How to use the chances of digital marketing without running into the common traps?

Achieve Freedom and Independence for the Client

Finding enough paying customers, making the own business more profitable, achieving more freedom and independence – this are the typical wishes of Open-Booking’s small business clients.

All this challenges in digital marketing looks scary for many small business owners who are dedicated to deliver excellent services as host.

Digital marketing is an easy discipline for specialists. It is experience, knowledge and the focus to do the correct things in time what makes this advantage. The duty is not always something complicate. There are so many simple solutions to suggest if people want to do by themselves – just ask for them!

The Open-Booking Team Help Owners in Digital Marketing

There are multiple examples when Open-Booking could help out fast:

  • The “beer o’clock“ owner who is looking to raise his occupancy in his private holiday rental from 4 up to 10 weeks without bigger efforts
  • A halve time vacation rental owner to  decide for  the most cost-effective advertising options
  • The full time independent vacation rental owner in need of a practical and inspiring website
  • The sales manager of a Boutique-Hotel looking for more independency from the big OTAs and listing-sites
  • The local tourist office developing a social media strategy
  • The service oriented vacation rental management agent in need of additional clients and to fill their calendars

You might not believe, how many of those challenges can be solved in a simple chat or in the discussion with people in the network. Often it is just to provide a link to a source of information. Other clients need technical advice, an audit or even the complete development of a strategy.

No Panic!

No Panic! The Open-Booking Team is here to help. We’re a “Brain Extension” for Do-it-Yourselfers or the Hand for Small Business Needs

That’s what Open-Booking’s doing: Helping out Individuals

Well, here we are! Open Booking is a team of dedicated specialists to solve the needs of independent vacation rental owners and managers, for our clients from small business in tourism and even for privates. Weather you need a hint, a professional way to look at a problem or even the guys who will solve your workload problem – use us!

We’re specialists in different areas of digital marketing and communication: From advertising through leads generation and sales, from web design to technical solutions – if it is related to digital marketing, you are at home with Open-Booking.

There is no place like home!

The Open Booking Team is Backing clever digital marketing for small business

We want to know everyone of our readers and their marketing challenges

While we think, that there are solutions for the very most known problems for digital marketing, we also understood individuality in small business.

So if you will respond to our “About us” page and tell a bit about yourself and your small business we’ll make sure to come back to you. Let us know your most actual challenge in your digital marketing for your vacation rental right now – we’ll try to help you in whatever way we can. Simply talk to us in the chat or send us an email.

Cheat sheet 003: Use open booking only if you want the results of your digital marketing to be boosted!

Just do not waste yours or Our time: Use Open-Booking only if you want the results of your digital Marketing to be boosted!


Open Booking is a brand of MAX-TD pty. ltd, located in Belrose, NSW. MAX-TD operates an online travel guide network in English, German and Russian language with its own booking engine for accommodations.